Pilates Reformer

We believe that fitness should be fun, challenging and personalised. With Studio 14, you’ll experience a dynamic workout that combines the best of cardio, stretching and strength catering to all experience levels.

Pilates Reformer
2 classes
285 AED

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Why Choose Us?

Reformer Pilates is a great way to work your core and improve total body conditioning without placing stress on your joints. Great for all fitness levels; instructors can modify or intensify each exercise to adapt to all individuals and levels. The Reformer is the most popular and versatile piece of Pilates equipment around the world. Invented by Joseph Pilates, the Reformer is designed to utilize spring-resistance technology to intelligently strengthen and improve muscular function. Exercises on the Reformer incorporate functional movement and involve pulling, pressing, or holding a moving carriage steady while you resist tension from anchored springs. With the unique ability to adjust spring tensions for each exercise and ability level, it’s possible to modify, progress, and tailor exercises to everybody for every exercise – whether it be to provide more support to the absolute beginner, or more challenge to the most experienced Pilates lovers

Pilates Reformer

Level 1

This class will flow through creative sequences that combine traditional and contemporary exercises that target all areas of your body, with an emphasis on building a strong core. Feedback from the springs will encourage deeper muscle engagement and bring awareness to the mechanics of your body. This class is perfect for beginners.
Class is limited to 6 participants; pre-booking is required.

Pilates Reformer

Core & Posture / Sculpt

Classes are more advanced options. We recommend it for those who are looking for deeper stabilization, endurance and strength. Don’t be intimidated- everything can be modified to your personal level. You will finish feeling strong, stretched and connected!

Pilates Reformer


A fun, lively and energetic class. Expect a full-body workout that will strengthen and stretch every muscle in your body while enhancing your balance, flexibility & core strength. Develop your technique, build endurance and progress spring intensity with the dynamic class. This class moves at a quicker paced and is designed to keep your heart rate going. Class is limited to 6 participants; pre-booking is required.

Pre/Post Natal Pilates Reformer - All Level

This one’s for all our moms and moms to be who are looking for more than a good stretch! Expect a full-body workout that will safely strengthen and tighten all the right places: core, back, arms, glutes, and pelvic floor. These workouts will help support a more comfortable pregnancy and delivery and get you back to feeling like yourself after your little one arrives! This workout is safe for moms who have past the first trimester or are 6-weeks postpartum.
Class is limited to 6 participants; pre-booking is required.

Pilates Reformer Private

If you are not familiar with the Reformer, we recommend starting with a private class so we can teach you the basics. Your expert trainer will guide you the entire way, so you get the most out of each session. The private setting allows the trainer to explain things, pause and correct your form, and make sure you’re using the right muscles, so you achieve optimal results. Privates are personal training sessions that are customized for your body and goals.

We Offer Personal Training In

(1 person)

(2 people*)

(3 people*)

settings or you can rent out the entire space for up to 6 people.

Benefits Include

Improves posture and alignment

Develops strong core

Varied levels of intensity

Improves power, strength & flexibility

Trains full range of motion

Prioritises your mental & physical well-being

Forms long-term habits

Pilates Reformer
2 classes
285 AED

Get In Touch With Us to Avail the Offer!

Before Your Training

Here’s what you need to bring to your training in order to enjoy an effective session!


Grip Socks

Bring your own or purchase a pair from our studio

First Timers

Please arrive 15 minutes before your class for your introduction

Parking Information

Free parking underground and behind the API building


Bring a small towel to use during your workout