Why is Pilates more expensive than other forms of fitness training?

1. Pilates Reformer classes are relatively small when compared to other group classes, this is to ensure teachers are paying required attention to all class participants. The less people in the class, the more expensive the class will be.

2. Pilates teachers are very much hands on when it comes to teaching, giving a lot of personal instructions, correcting each participant and making sure breathing and movements are performed correctly. This is unlikely the case in other fitness group classes. Practicing pilates is more complex than any other activity.

3. Becoming a Pilates Teacher is expensive. Certification process is time consuming and costly and great pilates teachers don’t become great overnight. After the initial certification, the ongoing training never stops; pilates seminars, updates and workshops are part of their life. They invest in the right pilates education to ensure of the best results. So you should have the same confidence that following their tuition, will deliver the ultimate benefit to you, in turn. The best teachers are always going to be the most expensive. If you find cheap pilates reformer classes you should ask if the teacher is experienced enough and has gone through the required training to ensure you are going to practice safely and effectively.

4. Pilates equipment is expensive and so is the necessary maintenance. Pilates Reformer machines can cost a few thousand dollars. High quality reformers provide great experience for the user, comfort and support. You should always look for studios that offer top of the range equipment so that you are satisfied when practicing your pilates and most importantly – safe.

5. Many people get amazing results with Pilates and people are willing to pay for the results. To put this simply: Pilates is very much in demand and it hasn’t been just a hot trend. It has been around since 1920 and it’s definitely here to stay.

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