Why Pilates is better than the Gym?

If you ever wonder what should you choose: gym or pilates? The answer should be: Pilates. Reformer Pilates.

There’s a long list of benefits but let’s talk about the ones we are all after.

Focusing on proper alignment of the spine and improved posture. Strengthening the core and toning up those small muscles, creating a beautiful pilates body. Yes! Pilates body is real and very much in demand. The list of pilates enthusiasts keeps growing and the hype doesn’t seem to fade since Joseph Pilates started in 1920. Pilates Reformer as opposed to gym workouts, offer a much safer option to move your body in all dimemsions without the risk for injury. Gym workouts may emphasize lifting heavy weights and achieving as many reps as possible, which can increase the risk of injury if proper form is not maintained.

Another reason to choose Reformer Pilates is a fact that you can easily stick to it and attend the classes every day without losing your interest. Reformer Teachers are real superstars with huge passion for their teaching subject. Pilates classes are a great way to connect your body and mind and have that feel good factor. Pilates Reformer studios are the places to be, characterised by a zen decor & uplifting atmosphere – much more appealing than crowded gyms with disturbing sounds.

Contact us today at Studio 14 for a reformer pilates classes in Dubai and take the first step towards your body and mind.

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Before Your Training

Here’s what you need to bring to your training in order to enjoy an effective session!


Grip Socks

Bring your own or purchase a pair from our studio

First Timers

Please arrive 15 minutes before your class for your introduction

Parking Information

Free parking underground and behind the API building


Bring a small towel to use during your workout