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Kids Boxing Class

Our boxing training for kids will nurture your child at every stage and in every dimension of their development. The benefits of boxing go beyond fitness; they include instilling discipline, focus and self-confidence.

We offer individualised boxing training for kids of all ages taught by experienced instructors who teach the fundamentals of boxing, including stance, guard, movement and punch combinations, with upbeat music to ensure they stay motivated and energised throughout. You’ll be sure to have all your kid’s energy used up (leaving you with some much deserved quiet time!).

Get used to the ensuing periods of quietude as your little one will definitely want to come back!

Benefits include:

  • Instils discipline, focus & self-confidence from a young age
  • Improves hand-eye coordination, stamina, reflexes, cognitive skills, overall fitness & endurance
  • Builds team-working skills
  • Teaches children how to cope with frustration & anger through self-defence training
  • Aids in weight loss or maintenance
  • Develops muscles
  • Takes them away from gadgets and the online world
  • It’s a lot of fun!

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Class Information

No. Of Spaces 6

Duration 45 mins

Age 6-12 years

Level Any level


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