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Prenatal Yoga/Pilates 

Our unique prenatal classes go beyond simple poses. We strive to make your pregnancy as comfortable as possible by addressing any aches or pains in your body. Each class includes poses that bring balance and alignment to the pelvis, pelvic floor and pelvic & uterine ligaments. This encourages your baby into a more optimal birthing position so you may have a more functional, less complicated birth.


Postnatal Yoga/Pilates

Each class works to strengthen areas that may have weakened during pregnancy and release tension in areas that feel tight, burdened and stressed (including your mind!)  This class will aid recovery from pregnancy and childbirth by increasing blood flow and oxygenation to the damaged muscles. Postnatal Pilates/Yoga exercises are low-impact and deliberately gentle, enabling new mothers to heal and rebuild their strength in a safe way.


Benefits include:

  • Fosters a bond with your baby (by your side)
  • Improves posture, flexibility & core strength
  • Heightens mood & physical well-being
  • Alleviates stress & improves mood
  • Forms healthy habits for the whole family
  • Betters sleep quality for your baby (and for you, too!)

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Class Information

No. Of Spaces 6

Duration 45 mins

Level Starter to Advanced


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